Parachute’s New Album has a Fresh Sound!

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It’s that time again for your Eye Opener Music Beat!  This week, Mike Adams is visited by Will Anderson from the band, Parachute, and they got a chance to talk all about the band’s new plans in the music scene!

Mike isn’t afraid to walk on egg shells when talking to Parachute band member Will.  Mike asks, “So tell me, has the band ever come to a near breakup experience??”   Check out what Will has to say about arguments with his fellow band mates!

Parachute is an American pop band from Charlottesville Virginia.  The members all graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2008 and have since been touring and promoting their music!

Will tells Mike the band’s big plans on changing their sound and heading into the realm of rap music, perhaps adding rap flair to their already existing pop rock sound!

Parachute recently released their latest album in August of 2013.   Will tell Eye Opener’s Mike Adams that recording the album was a long and rewarding process and that he believes their new album is Parachutes best yet!

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