New liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Philly freezes your treat at -321°

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- How cold do you like your ice cream? How about -321°?

In Chinatown, the newly opened N2 Sweet Cafe uses liquid nitrogen to make their specialty treats. Co-owner of N2, Candace Williams, says their ice cream tastes creamier because of the smaller ice crystals created during the freezing process.

Williams says the ice cream is totally safe to eat and because of the way it's made, she says it tastes creamier and fresher than a regular scoop-and-serve type of shop. Sometimes they serve ice cream with liquid nitrogen below your cup to have the appearance of the ice cream smoking the whole time you eat it. Extra toppings, like caramel, are served in a small syringe for an added scientific look to the finished ice cream product.

If you're not in the mood for ice cream at the N2 sweet café, they have other sweet, very cold, treats.

They have a cereal type product which is cooled with liquid nitrogen called the Eskimo Kiss for $5.99. The eskimo kisses are served in metal mugs and customers spear the pieces with sticks and then pop them into their mouths where the sudden warmth creates vapor.

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