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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States? Joining us today is Mira Sorvino and Anna Kaiser to tell us about an initiative to bring awareness, research, and solutions to support people living with metastatic breast cancer.

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Metastatic breast cancer is a form of breast cancer that migrates to other parts of the body, which is the only way that breast cancer can kill you.

"40,000 people per year die of this disease, and that number hasn't changed in forty years. That is 113 people a day. And yet it is massively underfunded in terms of research. Only seven percent of all research dollars for breast cancer go to metastatic breast cancer, yet it is the only way you can die from breast cancer," said Sorvino.

"We're here today partnering with Lilly on the hashtag more for m-b-c thrive movement. We're trying to raise a ton of awareness for the metastatic breast cancer community and try to push for people to put much more focus and research money to find a cure to this deadly killer of women and men in this country," said Kaiser.

The "thriver" pose was created to support the men and women, who are dealing and living with metastatic breast cancer and hopefully help them thrive.

"Lilly conducted a nationwide 'more for MBC survey' and the results showed that yoga helped this community and supported this community in managing the everyday impact and stress of the disease in their lives. So, this pose serves as a symbol of the movement and hopefully it will help us raise awareness and funds.

Lilly is donating a hundred dollars every time somebody post a photo or a video doing this pose with #MoreForMBC.

"The pose is arms raised to the sky, heart center raised to open up the heart and for love, acceptance, compassion and thriving," said Kaiser.