Local Legends: Ghosts of Fort Mifflin

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FORT MIFFLIN, PHILADELPHIA, PA –Right next to something modern, The Philadelphia International Airport, lies something hundreds of years old… a historic landmark known as Fort Mifflin. The thunderous sound of aircraft echoes through this war fort as airliners take flight over these veteran grounds. Even though it neighbors a modern-day transportation hub, Fort Mifflin appears to be frozen in time, and perhaps, haunted by spirits of the past. In this spooky edition of Weekend Philler, we had the opportunity to tour Fort Mifflin, explore the casemates and climb down into a small cellar that was once used for solitary confinement. Our tour guide, Mike Kalichak, has witnessed a number of unexplainable events while working here. Fort Mifflin has ranked on every list of this country’s most haunted places, but the mystery remains – Is Fort Mifflin really haunted? Hear his stories and decide for yourself in this Local Legends segment.

During our visit, Mike also told us about his encounter with a couple of ghostly children and their dog. As a special part two, here’s our Mysteries & Myths segment on these Fort Mifflin spirits.


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