Local Batting Cage has a Hidden History

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Everybody Hits, an indoor batting cage facility in North Philadelphia, offers patrons the opportunity to hit slow speed softball or fast pitch baseball – batter’s choice. But they also offer a unique environment steeped in a century of history from businesses past. Traces of these former institutions live on in the walls, floorboards, light fixtures and counter tops of Everybody Hits.

You can still make out the words ‘live lobsters’ that were painted decades ago to advertise the fresh catch, part of the farmers market that used to inhabit the space. After that went out of business, the building was home to a couple of theaters and, for a time, a bowling alley. But nothing is lost at Everybody Hits. The wood from one of the lanes was converted into the counter top for the now batting cage.

Peter Woodall of Hidden City tours tells us more about the story of this fascinating place. Take a look.

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