Life After Amputation: Prosthetic Rehabilitation

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In light of the tragic Boston bombings, prosthesis and traumatic amputations have become a national focus.  Here in Philadelphia, the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital gives amputees a second chance at an active life.  By pairing their patients with a team of doctors, physical therapists, and psychologists, the hospital works to heal and rehabilitate their patients as a whole person.  Rebecca Levenberg is one patient from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital that has made incredible progress in her recovery.  After losing her leg in a biking accident in which she was hit by a garbage truck, Levenberg has come a long way in her new life with a prosthetic leg.  Although the path has been difficult, through her persistence Levenberg has overcome both physical and emotional setbacks.  Rebecca Levenberg credits the strong support system for helping her to get back on her feet.  In an inspirational interview, PHL 17’s Zachery Lashway tells us more about traumatic amputations.