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I love my iPad Tablet, but not when it’s covered with little sticky fingerprints from my children!  If you find yourself feeling the same way about your treasured tablet that your kids happen to keep taking, then we’ve got a story for you!

I headed to the local Best Buy where expert sales associate Francesca taught me all about the new and upcoming tablet for kids!  I checked out a specific tablet, the “Nabi” which is marketed for all ages, but is geared mostly towards pre-teens and under.  The Nabi Tablet not only surfs the web, but kids are also able to play games and learn with the Nabi’s educational apps!

Here are some noteworthy tips when choosing the right tablet for your child!
1.)    Look for a gadget that is protected with a hard covered case
2.)    Find a tablet that has access to downloadable fun and educational web apps
3.)    Make sure the tablet is easy functional for all ages

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