It’s Time to Get Out of Debt!

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This week’s Financial Tips with Mark Fried discusses a situation many of us find ourselves in – relying too much on our credit card. Getting into debt is easy, but getting out can seem overwhelming. Mark Fried is on your side offering some sound advice that will take you step by step in your quest to break even.

First and foremost, Mark says, don’t spend more than you’re making. This might sound obvious, but you might not know how much you’re spending if you’re not keeping a budget.  Mark also champions a ‘debt inventory,’ writing down every unpaid expense and ranking them from smallest to largest.  Check out the video to find out why, and for a number of other tips on how to turn your world from RED to GREEN!

Mark Fried is loaded with great advise on a range of financial topics.  Take a look at his thoughts regarding other viewer questions by clicking here!

Mark Fried is the president of TFG Wealth Management in Newtown, PA.  He is a Certified Investment Advisor and Financial Planning Expert whose experience ranges from being an advisor to the Rosenwald Family of the Sears Fortunate to being the former president and owner of STone Bridge Bank & Stone Bridge Mutual Funds.  Mark Founded TFG Wealth Management in 2005 to help families make good decisions about their financial future through education, planning and investment management. To get in touch with Mark, check out his website at

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