It’s the Ultimate Tailgate On Eye Opener with Wegmans Live In Our Studio

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Think your pre-game wings rock? Then, think again. Wegmans joined us live on our set for the ultimate tailgate!

And, get this it was a winner with a mix of classic wings and new-wave sushi rolls. And, yes that’s right- according to Wegmans’ Chef Trent O’Drain – sushi is hot stuff. He says it’s a rookie food that’s becoming a fan favorite. Wegmans is featuring “skinny” sushi rolls with the garden variety rolling in at just 180 calories. There are five new varieties in all that Wegmans created just in time to score points with this year’s fans including a Thai Sweet Potato Roll seasoned with Red Coconut Curry Sauce.

Some of the game-day staples like pizza, potato skins and nachos are still contenders. But in our all-out tailgate mania on our set, Chef Trent cooked up vegetable sushi, chicken wings and rustic ciabatta roll subs. All of this stuff can be ordered and prepared for you at Wegmans. Wow! I’m in football heaven!

So what’s your favorite wing recipe? Share it with us right here in Eye Opener. You can find me on Twitter @JenLewisHall. Go Eagles!


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