Is Your Puppy Tearing Up Your House?

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T-Bear an adorable pomeranian likes to do what every puppy enjoys: play, eat, and bite.  Puppies are truly just like babies and this means the go through teething.  I brought Teddy to work with Nicole Larocco from Philly Unleashed.  She says owners need to teach their pups what is good to chew and what is bad to bite.  Nicole says in puppy world biting is acceptable, but of course for humans that doesn’t fly.

My favorite thing Nicole showed me was that sometimes you have to act like a drama queen to help a puppy know that it isn’t ok to bite.  She says you want them to know that they’ve hurt you, so when they bite people should shout ouch and cross their arms.  Nicole says you can also teach them that this behavior is unacceptable by jumping up and crossing your arms then pointing and saying no.

I took being a drama queen to the extreme by saying no too many times to T-Bear.  Nicole says all you have to do to get your point across is saying no only once.

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By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3

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