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Are you trying desperately to lose weight, but cannot seem to shake the pounds? Did you know that your body could actually be working against you? If your curiosity is peaked, I have two words for you-Estrogen imbalance.

Natural Hormone Expert and author of The Hormone “Shift”, Dawn Cutillo says,  estrogen stores fat while progesterone burns it and approximately 80 percent of women suffer from estrogen imbalance. This imbalance enables the estrogen in your body to reach higher levels than those of progesterone. On top of lower levels, stress further drains progesterone from the body which increases your weight gain. Need an easy fix? Try progesterone cream, which will help you lose weight and access fluid along with improving your mood.


Cutillo warns to stay away from refined carbs such as white flour and all things made with it like breads, bagels and most cereals.  The doctor’s orders are to skip the refined carbs for about 2 to 4 weeks and enjoy all the calories you would like. This will shape up to be the best weight lose plan you have ever tried.

Last on the doc’s list is checking your food sensitivity. Some people’s tolerance may be lower than others but there is a way to check your level of food sensitivity. Ready for it?

  • take a seat
  • check your pulse
  • bit a piece of your refined carbohydrate like cheese, bread or. etc.
  • wait 5 minutes
  • check your pulse again.

If your pulse has increased at least 5 points, you have a food sensitivity. Never fear, this program will help you. Never be a slave to you weight, again.

To check if your hormones are imbalanced and preventing you from losing weight go to and take the free hormone questionnaire. For more information visit

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