Indochino In Philadelphia

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PHL17’s Zachery Lashway stops by Indochino the Traveling Tailor. Idochino is a menswear website, which allows you to customize your suits. However, the website has now become mobile, and travels to different cities offering men a truly tailored experience.

It is the time to throw your caps off and in the air for the class of 2013, but with the excitement of the end of school comes the preparation of the beginning of a career.  As stated by Crystal Walton, Indochino’s general manager most college students do not know how to put the perfect suit together.  From ties and cuff links to collars and monograms, Indochino has all your suit necessities with the option to customize.  If you think the customization is impressive then the electronic friendly pocket which allows you to touch your phone through the pocket fabric will blow you away.  The best part about Indochino is the ability to measure yourself, upload them to the site where they will be saved and access them and order your suit at anytime, anywhere in the world.

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