How to Remove ‘Snud,’ Your Carpet’s Worst Enemy

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These wet conditions outside mean lots of mud has the potential of coming inside, especially for those of us with kids and pets. And these mud stains will most assuredly find their way to our carpets, hoping to live out their days here. Beth from HIP Chicks is here to teach you how to evict this pesky snud (snow + mud) and make sure it doesn’t ruin your cozy carpet. And that’s a HIP Chick guarantee.

You may be tempted to reach for the sprays, wet towels and soaps when attacking a snuddy situation. Beth says DON’T! All you’ll end up doing is reanimating the mud and exacerbating the problem. Instead, she says, take a dry stiff-bristle brush and loosen the dried mud. After that, you should be able to vacuum up the problem. Then, to remove any residue, get a spray specifically for carpet cleaning. For all your DIY tips and tricks, check out or tune into Eye Opener weekdays from 6-8 a.m. on PHL-17.



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