How to Negotiate a Higher Pay at your Job

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There are many dos and don’ts to negotiate a higher pay at your job. Money is a top priority for many Americans and only about 41% of workers ask for a raise.

A suggestion to keep in mind is to know your worth before asking for more money. For example, a good starting point is to look at salary comparison websites. Also, consider applying and interviewing for other job opportunities to see what the competition can give you. Another tip, is to keep track of your success. By keeping track of everything you’ve done, your boss will understand what you have contributed to your company’s profitability.

Tips that you shouldn’t do is to ambush your boss. Ask to speak with he or she privately for a couple of minutes. Remember, when you are meeting with them to always discuss how much you love your job and be positive. In addition, don’t make the conversation with your boss personal. Don’t tell them about what the money will do to help you in your personal life, but how you deserve it. If they deny your request, just ask them when another time would be good to discuss the topic again.

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