Hot Tips for Your Labor Day Grilling from Famous Dave’s BBQ

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When it comes to Labor Day Weekend, barbecuing is serious business! Just ask Dave Marks, an award-winning Pit Master who owns six Famous Dave’s restaurants in the Delaware Valley.

And check this out – Dave won the Tyson’s Best Chicken Wings on the Planet Contest at The Sam’s Club National BBQ Finals last year! So he knows his stuff!

Live on Eye Opener we got a head start on the holiday with Dave who brought in his grills, smokers and Famous Dave’s trucks. And, here’s how we chowed down outside our studio:

The appetizer: Flame Kissed Chicken Wings. Wow!

The Entrée: Cedar Plank Salmon (A BBQ Version of Surf and Turf) with a side of BBQ corn on the cob with a Mexican twist.

Top that off with grilled marshmallow S’mores and super delicious fresh strawberry basil lemonade.

Even the lemons, limes and fresh pineapple were seasoned and cooked on the grill.

And, Dave says don’t ‘wing-it’ when it comes to your holiday barbeques.

  • Prepare as much as you can in advance
  • Keep things flavorful but simple (limit your entrees and recipes but make it a full meal)
  • Let an expert do some of the heavy lifting (or cooking in this case) and order the ribs from Famous Dave’s

Dave Marks is on the Board of Directors of Operation BBQ Relief . For more information about his restaurants go to: . Let us know how you are enjoying your holiday. You can find us each weekday on Eye Opener at 6 a.m. on PHL 17.

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