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Jennfier Lewis-Hall: Preparation to presentation. Were do we get started with this?

Kris Schoels: Well, it is really all about the basics and I feel like nothing says entertaining more than a great cheese plate. This is Simply Artisan Reserve from Lighthouse. It is the top artisan cheese on the market. It is made with single source milk and reaches 100 days for premium flavor. And the center cut is one-of-a-kind on the market. It is cut from the center of the wheel where most of the flavor is developed. So you can actually find it in the specialty deli department. And it is convenient packaging. You just open it up and put it into the tray. I actually like the Lighthouse dressing because they are versatile for the holidays and they can be used as a dip or a marinade. They compliment any dish and there are healthy and light options. They have no preservative, no MSG, and no high fructose corn syrup. And nothing adds flavors like herbs. During the season, fresh herbs are hard to come by and you have to make due with dry, but not so with these because they are perfect. They are freeze-dried, fresh, and they have a really great taste. They are also non-GMO, full of flavor, and you can find them in the spice isle or produce department. You can also check out the Living Lighthouse Blog for great family recipes and you can their holy dazzle contest to win a holiday feast and everyone is all about making life easier during the holiday season. People ask me all of the time about serving and I just keep things really light and easy for people. You have got guests coming in and out and this is just an easy addition to your holiday feast. Are you doing anything special this year?

Jennifer Lewis-Hall: Absolutely. I am hosting my family and we are going to have some extra company too, and you are making it easy. Any last tips?

Kris Schoels: Just again, keep it easy. Prep as much as you can in advance, and I feel like get people involved. They are really like to help so you might think sometimes as a hostess, you don’t want to do everything by yourself. Ask them to bring things, pull them into the kitchen. Have the mixed drinks for people.

Jennfier Lewis-Hall: Well Kris, you are making it look easy. Thanks for those great tips, happy holidays to you. And Eye Opener continues.