Hill Harper Speaks On His Book Letters To An Incarcerated Brother

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You’ve seen him on the hit TV series CSI: New York for the past nine seasons but when he’s acting, Hill Harper is writing best sellers. “Letters To An Incarcerated Brother” is Harper’s 5th book and the cover in itself tells a story.

The novel covers debilitating conditions within prison walls across the nation. His inspiration came from inmates who wrote to him and the relationships that unfolded. Most of the inmates were poor, Black, or Latino and many of them shared one thing in common. They were behind bars for non-violent crimes. Harper stresses the importance of education as a means of preventing more of our nation’s youth from the pipeline to prison.

This may be his last book, but it’s not the last that we’ll see from him. Check out the video to find out why he might be paying a visit to the City of Brotherly Love!

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