Here are 10 ‘harmless’ April Fools’ Day pranks to play on your friends

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April Fools’ Day is upon us. If you’re looking for a fun, harmless prank to play on a friend, here are some suggestions:


10 | Toothpaste in Oreos


9 | Draw a spider on the toilet paper roll


#8 | Fill Easter chocolates with mustard


 #7 | Tape an air horn under a co-worker’s chair

#6 | Mix Skittles, Reese Pieces and M&Ms

#5 | Bug on the lamp


#4 | Caramel Apple Onions


#3 | Dress like a co-worker and act completely normal



#2 | Put tape on bottom of optical mouse


#1 | Just walk around and tell your co-workers April Fools without having actually pranked them. Then watch as they try to figure out what you did (or didn’t do).

h/t Mashable, 1043myfm and Bustle

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