‘Get off your phone!’ Texas day care’s sign goes viral

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ROSE HILL, Texas – Without a doubt, this is a sign of our phone-obsessed times.

A Texas day care posted this sign, which a parent posted on Facebook on Friday. Since then, it’s been shared more than 900,000 times and generated more than 6,800 comments.

The sign reminds parents that they’re picking up their children from day care and shouldn’t have their heads buried in their phones because their children are excited to see them.

The sign reads:

You are picking up your child.


Your child is happy to see you! Are you happy to see your child??

We have seen children trying to hand their parents their work they completed and the parent is on the phone.

We have heard a child say, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” and the parent is paying more attention to their phone than their own child.

It is appalling.

Get off your phone!!

The photo prompted strong reaction from many parents on Facebook, with many of them supporting the sign’s message.

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