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Can your company claim the title of “Philadelphia’s Phunnest Company”? Well, If you would like to try your luck at some fun sports and games Philalympics is the competition for you!

Many of us find that when we start working it becomes harder to shed those pounds and easier to pack them on. Well, fear no more, Zarwin Baum Attorneys at Law hosts this inter-company competition that test company’s employees in wits, and athleticism among other things.

I met with Nat of the, get this, Fun Department who allowed me to try out two of the  events featured in the Philalympics. Once I dawned my official eagles helmet I was ready to go for my first event! Up first, a race using an adult sized tricycle, where I had to race down and around a cone without touching it and back to my starting place. Once I found victory on the trike, I armed myself with giant foam glove fingers and joined a team of two to work together to pick up mustard packets and hand them down the line and place them on an inflatable soft  pretzel.

It was loads of fun and truly a work out! If you think you can handle the competition and that your company can be crowned the Phunnest Company, check out Philalympics 2014. All funds raised go toward the Ronald McDonald House.

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