Kettlebell training with Tom Sher

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You’ve probably seen and avoided it at the gym, but the kettlebell is actually a versatile tool that you should be incorporating into your workout regimen.  In this edition of Get It Right, Get It Tight, I learn all about using specialized weight from trainer Tom Sher at Atlantic City Country Club.  Sher was trained by the man who introduced the kettlebell to America, so rest assured he’s got plenty of great tips on using it.  But Sher and I don’t limit ourselves to just one piece of equipment as we make the rounds at the variety of workout stations.

Fun fact: Sher has worked with a wide range of fitness enthusiasts ranging from new moms to state troopers, even triatheletes! After this session, it looks like he can add ‘reporter’ to that roster. Take a look!

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3


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