Tight Roping!

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We’re back with our friends over at The Give & Take Jugglers for another circus-themed Get It Right, Get It Tight and this time I’m trying my hand at the tightrope. When you think “tightrope walking” you might imagine some high-strung Cirque du Soleil performance, 100 feet in the air. But G&T member Dave Gillies says it doesn’t have to be that hard.

“If you can walk, you can learn how to tightrope,” Gillies says.

I wasn’t completely helpless – luckily my dance experience gave me a “leg up” as I got on the cable. With Dave by my side I walked to and fro and tried to balance on my own for a second! But it still might be a while before I’m trying it on a unicycle or with a handful of pins to juggle. Take a look!

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