From Spinal Injury Patient to CrossFit Champ

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Five years ago, Stanley Yoo was warming up on a trampoline before a gymnastics class. After flipping unintentionally, he landed on his head and neck, dislocating his cervical spine and becoming immediately paralyzed.

“I couldn’t move anything below my chest. I had limited motion in my hands, so I was pretty debilitated,” Yoo said.

It took over two months of physical therapy without any certainty that he’d ever walk again before he was up and moving, with some help from the medical team. A doctor himself, Yoo knew he had to focus on improving his functional movement in order to once again attain his full range of motion. It was then that he turned to CrossFit, and he’s been going ever since.

With a fused spine, he’s a little more limited than he once was, but you won’t believe the strides Yoo has made with this impressive and challenging fitness program. Take a look!


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