Forget Jersey Boys, It’s All About the Jersey Girls!

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They say that behind every Jersey boy is a fabulous Jersey girl, and that goes double for the musical. Now playing at the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia, “Jersey Boys” features three extremely talented ladies who collectively play over 52 characters over the course of the show. They’re all tied to lead character Frankie Valli of the band the Four Seasons, based on the flesh-and-blood performer. The women are required to execute some lightning-fast costume and wig changes to transform into the various personalities within the production.

Sometimes they complete these changes in under a minute, and one of the ladies can do one in 8 seconds! Take a look at the various glamorous wigs the Jersey Girls get to wear. They also talk about their off-stage camaraderie and give a sneak peek as to what to expect once the curtain opens. Make sure to check out “Jersey Boys,” playing through January 5 at the Forrest theater.

Jersey Girls

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