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The financial world is constantly changing and the need to prepare for the future is always important.  To fully prepare for YOUR future, you need someone with unique skills and a background to know how to handle every situation.

Enter Mark Fried of TFG Wealth Management!

He’s our Eye Opener Financial Guru, he’s here to help, and he’s taking your questions…

Dear Mark,

I currently have a 401(k), but some of my friends say I need an IRA.  Which is best for me?     – Amy

Hey Mark,

I recently got a job and I am looking for someone I can trust to help me with my money. How do I find the right advisor for me?       – Lisa

Hey Mark,

I’ve been relying on my credit card way too much this year and now I’m in debt. What can I do to get back on track and improve my credit?      – Jason

Hi Mark,

My husband and I have been talking seriously about getting life insurance.  Can you tell us more about our options?      – Mary

Hello Mark,

I’m on a budget and I have two kids who plan to go to college.  What is the best way to afford such a big expense?     – Carla

Dear Mark,

I run a small business in Philadelphia but I’ve never stopped to think about saving for retirement. What are some of my options?     – Mike

Dear Mark,

I am leaving my current job for a position with another company. I’m not sure what to do with my existing 401k. What options do I  have?    – Valerie

Dear Mark,

I am thinking about retiring in the next few years. When do you suggest I start tapping into my social security benefits?    – Chris

Hi Mark,

I got a little carried away with my spending this year. What can I do to get myself back on track?    – Brianna

Dear Mark,

My husband and I are trying to plan for our future.  How will taxes impact our retirement?     – Linda

Mark Fried is the president of TFG Wealth Management in Newtown, PA.  He is a Certified Investment Advisor and Financial Planning Expert whose experience ranges from being an advisor to the Rosenwald Family of the Sears Fortunate to being the former president and owner of STone Bridge Bank & Stone Bridge Mutual Funds.  Mark Founded TFG Wealth Management in 2005 to help families make good decisions about their financial future through education, planning and investment management. To get in touch with Mark, check out his website at

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