Facebook is the New Cocktail Party

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Social Media has changed the way we date, apply for jobs and keep in touch; however, it seems to also be ruining friendships and employer opportunities more than ever.

Eye Opener’s Femi Redwood meets with life coach Irina Baranov, who tells us what we should be posting and how we should be posting it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  She says, for one, we should never intrude into conversations where we are not welcomed.  Baranov says this is exactly how problems and conflicts begin and how often times they are difficult to mend.  We should be treating our Facebooks more like cocktail parties, Baranov tells us.

And remember, don’t be braver and bolder than you are online, be yourself just as you are in person—if it wouldn’t come out of your mouth, don’t let it come out of your fingertips!

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