Doctors Save More Lives With Stem Cell Treatment

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We’ve all been impacted by someone battling cancer, but doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Northeast Philadelphia say they’re saving more lives with stem cell treatment.  I sat down with Medical Chief of Oncology Pamela Crilley.

Their new state of the art new stem-cell facility treats patients with blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.  Dr. Crilley says stem cells come from bone marrow, and when a patient undergoes a transplant these cells can cure patients battling cancer.

There are two types of transplants. Doctors either use cells from the patients own bone marrow, or transplants are received from a donor.

While patients may need additional treatments such as chemotherapy, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has designed their rooms to be as comfortable as possible.

This is just one center that shows the many strides in medicine, but doctors say there’s still a great need for more facilities like this one.

You, too, can help save a life! Bone marrow donors do not have to have the same blood type as the patient for stem cell transplants.

By: Ashley Johnson


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