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You may think there’s only one “Cake Boss,” but Buddy Valastro says you can be your own cake boss – and he’s here to show you how. If you’re making a festive cake for the holidays or maybe for a winter birthday, you’ll want to listen up to his hot tips!

The Cake Boss’ first bit of advice is something you might know – wait until your cake is cool to ice it. Otherwise the icing will melt and you won’t have that baker-finessed gourmet look you’re going for. Assuming you’ve done this, you have the green light to decorate. But Buddy says you’ll need a couple of tools to make your life easier. According to the chef, a turntable is ‘not an option’ if you want to evenly and beautifully ice your cake. And the Cake Boss always puts his frosting in a pastry bag for easy application. Take a look for more pro tips and check out his new show Bakery Boss at 9 p.m. Mondays on TLC.

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