“Cody” the dog adopted from Puetro Rico and lost in South Jersey found a month later

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Berlin, NJ — Most pooches that find themselves in the predicament that Cody found himself, don’t have happy endings. But with the help of 2000 flyers, hundreds of searchers and thousands of shares on social media– Cody is home safe and sound and, mostly, in one piece.

Cody’s unbelievable story begins in Puerto Rico. Cody was a shelter dog that had a rough go that left him terribly shy. So, Joe and Taylor Orthey adopted him to give him a second chance at life in the US. For the first couple weeks, things went very well for Cody and his new owner. Lots of licks and love and Cody began to come out of his shell.

Sadly, just as new dog and owner began to bond, Cody got loose in a densely wooded area of Southern, NJ. Given his shyness and avoidance of people, Joe and Taylor knew that retrieving Cody would be a challenge, especially the longer he was missing. Days went by and things looked grim, but sightings here and there kept hope alive and the search continued, even after a month had gone by. In addition to the race against harm, traffic, starvation and all the other circumstances in the woods, the race was also against Mother Nature as winter weather was coming.

But, miraculously, after a month of flyers, volunteer searches, social media shares and prayers, the dog adopted from Puerto Rico and lost in New Jersey was located.

“I’d like to thank the volunteers, especially my friends and family, my wife Taylor, Kathleen Schafer with the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, Missy Morrissey with Team Louie, and Alma his Foster Mom from Puerto Rico who came here to help with the search. Everyone’s unbelievable efforts got our boy home,” said Joe.

Poor Cody was battered, (he lost his tail), skittish and covered in ticks, (over 40), but he and Joe and Taylor are reunited and dog and owner will pick up where they left off rehabilitating this very lucky dog.

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