Dr. Peter Goldenthal Talks Children’s Fears

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Children have many different fears that frighten them, but according to child psychologist, Dr. Peter Goldenthal it is normal for young children to be afraid of things that adults find to be silly or irrational. If you just look at things from their point of view, you can find that it is not so unusual for a child to think that there is a monster under their bed. Especially with movies such as Toy Story , it is easier for a child to believe that their toys can come alive! But don’t call these fears silly! Dr. Goldenthal tells parents to take the fears seriously without making them worse than they are. You can do this by telling them that their favorite stuffed animal will keep them safe throughout the night. If fears get out of control it is suggested you use relaxation and information to help free your child from whatever fears are bothering them.

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