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This week in Biz Bites, Peter and I headed down to Wedge + Fig to try out some new ways to experience cheese!  Located in the heart of Old City in Philadelphia, Wedge + Fig is a cheese bistro…that’s right, a CHEESE bistro!  From mild cheeses, to “lusty” and “robust” cheeses, this quaint bistro is a great spot to stop by for lunch or an early, light dinner.  The cute spot also featured hearty soups and salads, as well as inspired sandwiches.

Needless to say, Peter and I barely left a crumb on our cheese platter and made a pretty good dent in our sandwiches as well!  Pretty darn good ratings from Mr. Van Allen as well…3.5/5 for both atmosphere and value, and a solid 4/5 for the food.

wedge and fig

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