Belly Dancing: A Full Body Workout

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For a dance that’s called “belly dancing,” there’s a lot of emphasis put on the rest of the body.  The arms are typically extended with the hands making circular motions. The knees are bent and straightened to give lift to the hips. It truly is a full-body workout, one that has years of history in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East.

But I didn’t have to leave Philadelphia for this Get it Right, Get it Tight, because The Habiba Studio offers belly dancing lessons for any level.

“In a way it’s similar to pilates, because you’re using your deep abdominals,” owner Habiba says. “That’s something that you don’t always get with a workout.”

Habiba turned her interest in learning how to belly dance into a desire to teach it, and before she could she felt she had to go to the source – Egypt. There she learned the various styles and moves and came back to the States to start her studio, which she’s owned for over 30 years. Take a look at our session!