August Celebrates National Children’s Eye Health Month

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It’s National Children’s Eye Health Month, and I headed to St. Christopher’s Hospital For Children where Dr. Robert Spector says all parents need to have their child’s eyes examined.  He says good vision means better students because if students can’t properly see their work, it’s more likely they will make mistakes.  One of Dr. Spector’s special patients, Todd, came in for his annual check-up.  Todd is a straight-A student and thanks to Dr. Spector he also has A-plus vision.

Dr. Spector says with a through exam doctors can determine whether a child is nearsighted or farsighted.

“This is where a student can’t see up close without doing work and any work that a child does for any length of time they’ll usually say forget about it,” Dr. Spector says.

He says if you’re child does need glasses the good thing is designers have created many stylish frames and now more celebrities are sporting glasses.

“The makers of eye glasses gotten into more of the fashion, so a lot of people who are on MTV are wearing glasses as a fashion statement and it helps a lot of the kids,” Dr. Spector says.

He adds there are also options like contact lenses or even vision correcting surgery down the road.

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By Ashley Johnson  @AshleyNJohnson3

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