Animal Interaction Program is Mutually Rewarding

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Most people know the feeling they get when they interact with an animal. It’s a genuine experience – you feel their affection, obedience and love and they eat up your attention. There’s an instant connection that nothing else quite compares to. Now a special services program from the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County is pairing people with special needs with shelter animals in desperate need of a human touch.

Elana Litwin, one of the program’s handful of participants, looks forward to her weekly visits. She says her favorite dog is the collie, but she was more than happy to spend time with Tio the Chihuahua, feeding him the organic dog biscuits the group spends time making.

The no kill shelter gives the animals time to socialize with each other, but stresses the mutually-beneficial interaction by the participants and the dogs and cats housed at the facility. Take a look!

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