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You see her every morning on Eye Opener Philly, but today we took a trip back to the future to the early days of Jennifer Lewis-Hall’s reporting career. She’s not easy to surprise, but today we were able to wish a very happy birthday to Jenn on our set.

We celebrated all morning long with fresh cocktails and decadent cake that was perfect to celebrate our host’s special day. We enjoyed a fresh and delicious 6th Thyme Cocktail from Serrano which is made with 1 oz of Aperol, 1 oz of Mead, 5oz of white cranberry, and a beautiful fresh thyme garnish!

And, what would a birthday be without cake? Thanks to Art of Bread by Georges Perrier, we were able to give Jenn a fabulous chocolate cake, also known as the “Chocolate Addiction”.

It wasn’t only Jenn’s birthday this morning! We wished a big happy birthday to Donal McCoy of Serrano.

Find Serrano online at SerranoPhilly.com

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