17 Sexy Halloween costumes that don’t really make sense

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It seems that these days the formula for inventing women’s Halloween costumes is:

Step 1: Think about something popular.
Step 2: Make it Sexy.

It doesn’t have to be clever, well put together, relevant or even make the slightest bit of sense. Here are 17 Sexy Halloween costumes which probably should not exist.

17. Sexy Pizza Costume
Well everyone does love hot pizza.
Sexy Pizza Halloween Costume

16. Sexy Indian Warrior Costume
This has got to be offensive on many different levels.
Sexy Indian Warrior Halloween Costume

15. Sexy Sesame Street Costume
There are too many children’s characters turned sexy to count.
Sexy Sesame Street Halloween Costume

14. Sexy Crayola Crayons Costume
I’m trying not to draw any conclusions about the type of person who would think this is a cool costume.
Sexy Crayon Halloween Costume

13. Sexy Pizza Delivery Girl
If you order pizza expecting her to show up you will be severely disappointed.
Sexy Pizza Delivery Halloween Costume

12. Sexy Nun Costume
This catholic girl does not look free of sin.
Sexy Nun Halloween Costume

11. Sexy Skittles Costume
This is not even a costume. It’s a walking billboard for Skittles.
Sexy Skittles Halloween Costume

10. Sexy Sudoku Costume
Just glue numbers on a dress if you want this costume.
Sexy Sudoku Halloween Costume

9. Sexy French Fries Halloween Costume
The steaming heart shaped symbol on her crotch that says “Hot Fries” with the heat lines coming off  is a nice gratuitous touch that makes this costume make even less sense than if it was just fries.
Sexy French Fries Halloween Costume

8. Sexy Medical Marijuana Dispenser Costume
Does this costume come with free samples?  After you take the marijuana, all costumes become 30-70% more sexy.
Sexy Medical Marijuana Halloween Costume

7. Sexy Peasant Halloween Costume
Peasant? More like someone who lives in the castle.
Sexy Peasant Halloween Costume

6. Sexy Real Estate Agent 69
Selling a house is not typically a pleasureful experience.
Sexy Real Estate Sexy Halloween Costume

5. Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume
Even if the turtles did look this good, they would still of smell like the sewer.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Halloween Costume

4. Sexy Miss Scissorhands Costume
There was not and never will be a female equivalent of Edward Scissorhands.
Sexy Miss Scissorhands Halloween Costume

3. Sexy Brian from Family Guy Costume
Whats next a sexy South Park Cartman costume? Sexy Timmy and Jimmy?
Sexy Brian from Family Guy Halloween Costume

2. Sexy One-Eyed Master’s Helper (Minion) Costume
This costume is just plain despicable.  The minions are not supposed to be sexy.
One-Eyed Master's Helper Costume

1. “Twerkin” Mouse Costume
It didn’t make sense when Miley wore it, and it still doesn’t.
Sexy Twerkin Halloween Costume

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