As a part of the Subaru Loves Learning Initiative, Subaru and The Philadelphia Union teamed up with to ensure that every teacher and student at Stetser Elementary School in Chester, PA has the tools to succeed this school year.

“We learned that over 92% of classrooms have students whose families aren’t able to afford to buy them school supplies” Senior Director of Partnership Marketing for The Philadelphia Union, Michelle Rosar tells us.

Subaru and The Philadelphia Union assembled and distributed 20 school supply kits for each classroom at Stetser Elementary, and each teacher received $500 towards classroom supplies. Additionally, Senior VP of Marketing for Subaru of America, Alan Bethke announced that the school will receive an additional $5,000 for any supplies they may need throughout the school year. Finally, Subaru and The Philadelphia Union granted Stetser Elementary School new gym equipment and a highly sought after poster maker, which Principal Dr. Lavada Greene was very excited about.

“This will honestly help teachers because teachers are always going in their pockets to buy things that their students need” Dr. Greene explains.

Subaru Loves Learning is a part of a greater initiative called the Subaru Love Promise in which Subaru strives to prove that they are more than a car company through a variety of community outreach opportunities. To learn more please visit