Trivia 145: Asst to the Regional Manager Edition A

Round 1 General Office

  1. Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski and Angela Kinsey were all interns on what late night show? 
  2. Jim proposes to pam in front of what?
  3. What award is bestowed annually by Dunder Mifflin Scranton regional manager Michael Scott. In order to maintain morale? 
  4. According to Buzzfeed–Who is the only character to appear on-screen in every episode of The Office.
  5. In the episode “ the Q quote the members of the Stamford branch play what video game with each other?
  6. Belles, Bourbon & Bullets is a fictional game featured on The Office’s Season 6 episode, “Murder,” and loosely based on what board game.
  7. In the MERGER, episode the Scranton Dunder Mifflin Branch merges with which other branch?
  8. What is Scranton city’s nickname? 
  9. In the American Office the Assistant to the regional manager is the character Dwight Shrute.  What is that character on the BBC OG…
  10. 5. When Jim signs Meredith pelvic cast, what name does he sign.

Round 2 Picture

Round 3 Asst to the Regional Manager Edition A

  1. As a child, Dwight missed out on being crowned Hay King to which member of his family?
  2. In season 5’s “The Duel,” Dwight reveals there are how many rules all Schrute boys must learn before the age of 5.
  3. What does Dwight claim/believe he can raise and lower in his body at will.
  4. Henrietta is the name of Dwight’s pet what he uses to try and frame Jim with a prank?
  5. Finish this Dwight quote– those that can’t farm…Answer….
  6. White keeps a pair of white in his car just for special occasions?
  7. When Dwight gets jealous of Michael’s budding relationship with new temp Ryan Howard he’s seen upset in the car to what song?
  8. What did Dwight and Angela stand in when they get married?
  9. How does Dwight kill Angeles cat sprinkles? 
  10.  Dwight is a purple belt at a karate dojo where his title is given the title senpei by his sensei, what does senpai translate to? 
  11. Bonus 10– what does Jim say Senpai translates to–

Round 5 Office Gals

  1. Which one of the ladies of the office reveals her favorite song is a little drummer boy?  Angela. 
  2. What art school it Pam go to.
  3. What is the name of Phyllis‘s husband who also happens to work in the same office complex?
  4. In the business ethics episode, what ethics violation does Meredith admit to–
  5. Who was banned from Chili’s for life after the Dundee awards.  
  6. When Toby moves to Costa Rica who is his replacement.
  7. Jim‘s girlfriend Katie is played by who? 
  8. The Committee to Plan Parties is an offshoot of the Party Planning Committee to protest overbearing party planning and included what two members?
  9. Meresith has some painful and cringey flirts with Jim, including the time she gave him a pamphlet about what at the Xmas Party– .
  10. During the Office Olympics, Phyllis beats Kevin by a nose to take the gold medal in this event.

Round 6 Office Guys

  1. Which warehouse employee was engaged to Pam?
  2. What is the middle name of Gabe Lewis?
  3. What is Stanley’s signature move  or activity we often see at staff meetings. 
  4. What actor played Robert California?
  5. What real cast member has the same name as real life as he does in the show? Whole name.
  6. Who once  took a dump in Michael’s office,
  7. In season 2 Secret Santa, what gift does Jim get he hopes to give to pam?
  8. Where does Andy go to college?
  9. At Jim and Pam’s wedding in the NIAGRA EPISODE what was Kevin wearing on his feet? .
  10. This is Will Ferrell’s character in the Office.