1. In 2015 a NYT article caused controversy, angst and internet memes for a year when it suggested adding THIS veggie to guacamole.  
  2. Napster founder Sean Parker was also a vital part in the startup of what other social startup that he still owns around 5% of?
  3. This animal was used as the mascot for Abercrombie and Fitch because it repped “grace and strength” 
  4. Solar System What remarkable albeit sad thing happened to the Pluto in 2006. 
  5. Of these 4 gadgets, which did not have issues with catching on fire.  Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Tesla, Hoverboard.  
  6. Be Prepared is the motto of what organization, formed in 1910? 
  7. Familiar to worshippers of Wicca, what term does the American Heritage Dictionary define as an assembly of 13 Witches? 
  8. What month does the Atlantic Hurricane Season begin?  
  9. Known for it’s high quality and even higher prices, what all-natural grocery chain began in Austin, TX with the name Safer-Way? 
  10. Introduced in 1997, Microsoft office used an annoying anthropomorphic paper clip named what, to assist users in their office suite software? 

Round 2 Picture Early Presidents with filters.  (Last name only, if you did ur homework, huge break) wink wink/  If you think James Taylor was a president, that’s cool, 

Round 3 History and Geo

  1. Famous photographer Ansel Adams initially worked as a custodian for the Sierra Club in what National Park? 
  2. What was the name of the aircraft that was the first to drop an atomic bomb as a weapon of war on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945? 
  3. What was the name of the spaceflight which landed the first humans, Armstrong and Aldrin, on earth’s moon in 1969? 
  4. Who was the creator of the National Fascist Party, which ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943? 
  5. What brain damaged florida woman was at the center of a right to die controversy in 2005?
  6. Though she gets a bad rap in American folklore, who was acquitted in 1893 of murdering her dad and step mother with an ax? 
  7. The world’s first full scale nuclear power plant, calder hall, opened in what country in 1956?
  8. Which former capital of the Roman and Ottoman Empires is the only modern city that is situated on two continents? 
  9. Which major metropolis was originally named The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porciuncula River? 
  10. Angel Falls, the highest water fall in the world, is located in which South American country?

Round 4  Music

Round 5 Entertainment

  1. In the classic East West College Bowl skit on Key and Peele the joke is the funny names of the players, which of these names is NOT a real name from the sketch… DSqaarius Green Jr, Shurlhemp Hammertoe, Davion Shower Handel, Saggitariut Jefferspin. 
  2. Much more recognizable as the host of a network reality show, who hosted Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1 from 1998 to 2001? 
  3. I will give you 4 characters, you give me the film.  Summer Hataway, Dewey Finn, Ned Schneebly and Zack Attack. 
  4. On  The Flintstones from 1960-1966, what is the name of Barney and Betty Rubble’s child? 
  5. Originally produced by WGBH Boston, on what network can you find NOVA, a science show that has been produced since 1974?
  6. This TV show centers around Jackson “Jax” Teller, a member of a close-knit outlaw group in the fictional town of Charming, CA? 
  7. In the Hollywood trade magazine Daily Variety, the slang word “sudser” is used to describe what genre of entertainment? 
  8. This 2019 film chornicles the life of flamboyant pop star Elton John. 
  9.  From what state was the license plate that was pulled from the stomach of the first shark caught in the film? 
  10. Who played Will Smiths partner in the BAD BOYS movies.

Round 6: Wildcard HAMILTON!  

  1. Since most of us did NOT see it on Broadway, what character opens the show and welcomes the audience to “enjoy his show” on the Disney Plus Film?  
  2. Follow Up?  What actor or actress plays that character?  
  3. Who does Alexander Hamilton punch at Princeton?  
  4. Who is the youngest Skyler sister?
  5. What character is the pride of Mount Vernon. 
  6. What battle did Charles Lee shit the bed? 
  7. At what age was Hamilton placed in charge of a “trading charter” in a forgotten spot in the Caribbean?… 
  8. Which of the 10 Commandments of dueling, addresses plausible deniability for the doctor.
  9. What year was the battle of Yorktown. 
  10. How many of the Federalist papers did Hamilton write?
  11. According to Hercules Mulligan, it’s hard to have intercourse over how many sets of coursets? 
  12. What is the final lyric of the musical? Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?

TIE BREAKER:  add 7-11.

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