(WHTM) – On This Week in Pennsylvania, Dennis Owens recaps the week that was in Pennsylvania politics and looks toward the May 16 primary election.

In the State Senate, lawmakers advanced two “sin taxes” regarding ready-to-drink cocktails and skill games through committees.

The full Senate passed a bill that would require students to learn about personal finances in school. That bill would take effect in 2025 if it passes the House and is signed by the governor.

Lawmakers in Harrisburg also pushed to give parents more control of their children’s social media exposure.

Next Tuesday is also primary election day in Pennsylvania with several high profile races across the commonwealth. Governor Josh Shapiro cut an ad in the 163rd House special election in Delaware, but some say the Governor is knowingly spreading misinformation regarding the candidates’ stances on abortion.

Another key race is the Democratic primary for Mayor of Philadelphia with nine candidates running and four statistically tied, according to an Emerson College Polling/PHL17 survey.

Jennifer Lewis-Hall from PHL17 joins Dennis this week to discuss the poll results and the outlook of the race.

Also this week, two Pennsylvania Congressmen are at the front of debt ceiling negotiations in Washington D.C. and Dennis Owens sat down with both to discuss the negotiations and the looming financial crisis if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.

Analysts Christopher Nicholas of Eagle Consulting Group and Danielle Gross of Clearpoint Communications once again join This Week in Pennsylvania to share their analysis of all things Pennsylvania politics.