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The Phillies Alumni Luncheon is the kick-off to Phillies Alumni Weekend at Citizens Bank Park.  Lots of Phillies players from eight different decades will be at CBP this weekend to partake in different activities including honoring the 1993 Phillies team and adding Curt Schilling to the Phillies Wall of Fame.  As such, the 2013 Phillies Alumni Luncheon had a decidedly 1993 feel to it.  The panel included Manager Jim Fregosi, General Manager Lee Thomas, outfielder Jim Eisenriech, pitcher Tommy Greene, pitcher Larry “LA” Andersen and  pitcher Mitch “The Wild Thing” Williams, all members of the 1993 Phillies that won the National League Pennant.

The luncheon was hosted by Scott Palmer who did his best to keep the 1993 anecdotes, “broadcast friendly” as there are some pretty colorful stories the panelists had to tell.  If you know anything about the 1993 team– they will always tell it like it was/is and that includes language.  There were some hilarious and touching stories about Harry Kalas as well as Darren “Dutch” Daulton, both very beloved parts of the 1993 story.  If you are a fan of the Phillies and over the age of 55, the Alumni Luncheon is a great, great day of baseball nostalgia that is not to be missed.

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