PHOTOS: 2013 Phillies Ballgirl Tryouts

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The Phillies held tryouts for the 2013 Phillies Ballgirl Team on November 8th.  The final 40 women from all over the Delaware Valley competed for the final 10 spots on the squad.  The tryouts consist of softball skills drills, a written test and an on camera media room interview by Phillies Director of Public Affairs Scott Palmer, testing their knowledge of baseball and interpersonal skills.  Lots of Phillies Ballgirl veterans in addition to members of the Phillies staff were there to help the hopefuls along.

The women participating in the tryout included:

Alexa Alpaugh, Amy Lesley, Kelsey Berry, Kiera Boyle, Lindsey Bradley, Katie Byrne, Erin Butler, Janine Cascio, Carla Chmielewski, Courtney Corcoran, Samantha Creamer, Danielle DaGrosa, Elise DiFilippo, Anissa Ferrer, Katherine Feske-Kirby, Charlotte Fetrow, Casey Fleming, Tori Golebiewski, Kayla Greene, Kirby Groves, Jess Haug, Michelle Hedricks, Jessica Henry, Jackie Keifer, Megan Keohane, Brandy Lagomarsino, Rebecca Maziarz, Heather McAroy, Kelsey McDonough, Valerie Miller, Jackie Mullaney, Alison Needle, Alyssa Paradiso, Stephanie Reaves, Jenna Ritter, Tyanna Rodriguez-Hudson, Kelly Ryan, Jenna Spaeder, Kristin Ulrich, Alison Waldron, Shannon Weaver, Maggie Zelinka

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