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MILWAUKEE (AP) — A fan was ejected following a complaint by Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green during a game at Milwaukee on Tuesday night, and the Bucks said they were investigating the incident and consulting with the NBA.

The fan said “some threatening stuff to my life,” Green said.

Golden State’s Stephen Curry was shooting free throws with 5:19 left in the third quarter when Green spoke with a game official, repeatedly pointing toward a man sitting a few rows off the opposite baseline.

The official conferred with security personnel at Firserv Forum, and the fan was escorted out. Earlier in the period, the fan and Green had exchanged words.

“I was this close to really going back and diving all the way in, but just went back and told the official. And when I told the official, he said, he’s got to get out of here,” Green said.

“You just hope it gets to the point to where these leagues can work with legislators to implement laws, because that’s the only thing that’s going to ultimately correct the issue, is if you know something real is going to happen to you,” he said.

After Milwaukee’s 128-111 win, the Bucks said in a statement: “Under the referee’s discretion, we are investigating the situation and we are conferring with the NBA.”

The 32-year-old Green scored two points and had six rebounds and seven assists in the loss. He is averaging nine points, six rebounds and seven assists for the reigning NBA champions.

Two weeks ago, Green was fined $25,000 by the NBA “for directing obscene language toward a fan.” The situation occurred during the fourth quarter of Golden State’s loss at Dallas on Nov. 29.


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