What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a burger? Well it probably wasn’t anything close to $700…

Philly’s famous Drury Beer Garden has decided to take on the simultaneous task of creating the city’s cheapest restaurant grade burger and also the most expensive and lavish burger.

For a mere $700, the prestigious Gold Standard burger will include eight ounces of Japanese A5 ribeye wagyu, Wexford aged Irish Cheddar cheese, Italian Black Truffle, Italian Caviar, lobster meat flambéed with Louis XIII Cognac, and a Wildflour Bakery brioche bun. And if that isn’t enough, the bun will then be covered in gold leaf, the fries will be drizzled with 1500+MGO Manuka Honey, and the burger will be served with a one ounce pour of Louis XIII cognac, which retails for nearly $5,000 a bottle.

Taking on this unique burger task are brother and sister duo-owners George Tsiouris and Vasiliki Tsiouris-Balis.

“Burgers are one of the most loved food items around the world,” said George. “We are excited to provide our guests some amazing, creative and tasty options with our new menu concept.” 

Starting this Friday, May 19, Drury Beer Garden, a Philly famous beer garden which was named ‘One of America’s Best Beer Gardens’ by Food and Wine Magazine, will rename to ‘DBG’ who’s concept will feature 15 new burgers, including a $2.95 Smash Burger, and the $700 Gold Standard Burger.

And that’s not all, along with the name and concept change of DBG, they will also be debuting a new 60 foot mural, new seating, new entrance and major upgrades to the bar.

“My brother and I had so much fun creating this menu and we look forward to welcoming everyone,” said Vasiliki.

This Friday, the first 50 guests to visit DBG during happy hour time from 4:00pm to 7:00pm will enjoy a complimentary Happy Hour Smash Burger on the house.

Other new burger options will include the classic burger, pretzel roll burgers, vegan burgers, lamb greek-inspired burgers, a PB&J desert burger, and even an Ice Cream desert Burger.

Cody Aldrich Photography

DBG is located at 1311 Sansom Street and is open everyday at 4 p.m.

You can check out the menu and find more information, here.