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Ladies good morning. You are going on this 20 city tour called girls night in. Tell us about it. Girls:
so girls night in is a super interactive experience with us in our tours and we are showing them a night of positivity and inspiring them and also leaving them really happy and getting to know our personality a lot more. I feel like that is very necessary because on Youtube they only get to see our user names and they want to see more of us so giving them a really special experience is going to be great.

really cool. So you are going to be in Philadelphia at the Trocodero on October seventh. I'm did all of this begin for the three of you?

well i think we all started out very differently. I started out six years ago. I posted my first video. A lot of my videos were calls and i showed people what i bought and it shifted from that over the years to all things lifestyle and i think what's really cool is to build this really amazing and strong relationship with my audience and i have been very consistent with posing and i think that's what built it to where it is and that is really what we have all done here. It's cool to be able to go out on the road and see our tours and put a face to the user name and get to know them more and it's really awesome.

so tell us where we can go for tickets and more information.

you can go to full screen live dot com to get more information and get your tickets.

Jason: all right...sounds great. will be at the Trocodero on October seventh. Lots of luck
with the tour and thanks for being with us. And eye opener continues.

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