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Jennifer Jolly, you are always our go to girl for technology. What gadgets do you have up your sleeve for this holiday season?

"Well feast your eyes on some amazing gadgets for everyone in your family starting with Leap Frog's brand new leap start. This is an incredible high-tech toy that offers the perfect balance of education and fun with an interactive learning system that really gets kids excited about everything from counting, to problem solving, making it a great way to teach both life and school skills.

Next to that, something for the smart home. This is August Smart Lock smart keypad and doorbell camera. They all work together to turn your smart phone into a mobile command center for your front door. Really super simple to install, and then you can access your home anywhere in the world from your mobile device. It also let's you assign virtual keys or key codes and let's you control who has access to your home and when.

Now to help you control a little bit of the stress in your life, take a look at this wearable from Spire. It does all the other things that regular activity trackers do, but what it's really for is to help you realize when your stressed and to give you something to do about it. It measures your breathing patterns and then tells you how to breathe more deeply and walks you through it on your smart phone on how to relax and chill out.

One way to relax and chill out, take a look at the screen real estate on this LG, 38-inch, ultra wide curved led monitor. It is the world's largest 21:9 ultra wide monitor. All kinds of magical screen real estate. So you can multitask with more programs open at once game with magic and awe.

Speaking of awe, take a look at this subscription box from Loote-Crate - WWE Loote-Crate. It is specifically curated for fans of WWE Universe. You can get things like collectibles and apparel you cannot get anywhere else. It's delivered every other month, so it's the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Now, if you want to make sure that you get all the gifts you're meant to give or to get, take a look at this Package Guard. This is a brilliant gadget that protects you from porch pirates. It's a Frisbee-sized gadget. The postman sticks your package on it, you get an alert on your mobile device, and if anybody touches it you get a notification and it sounds an alarm.

So I know I just threw a ton of stuff at you, that was Package Guard. For more information you can go to"

Well Jennifer, all I can say is I hope I am on the nice list. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

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