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There are many products and regime’s out there to help clear you’re skin but how does one figure out which one is best for them? Dr. Dendy Englemen shares some tips on how we can properly care for our skin

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A study was revealed that 80% of patients are making at least two common mistakes when it comes to washing their face. The first mistake, is that people are either reaching for body wash or hand soap to cleanse their face. In these studies, it was found that 66% of men and 40% of women were doing just that. The second mistake, is that some are not washing their face before they go to bed, they are just using plain soap and water.

Dr. Englemen said it's important to know one's skin type.  The survey also showed that 66% of Americans do not know what ingredients to look for when looking for a cleanser of their skin type. She suggest that people should look for products that carry ceramides. It is a critical component of skin, "which is like a brick wall," Engleman said. The skin cells are the bricks and the mortal holding the wall together are the ceramides.  As people age those bricks drop off a great number and ceramides are what is going to add those back.

Dr. Engleman suggest to use CeraVe, which put three really important components of the ceramides into their cleansers. It allows people to have that optimal skin barrier that keeps in hydration and protects from outside dirt and bacteria.

CeraVe is found in local Pharmacy's nationwide and find out more information and tips from Dr. Engleman, head over to her website.

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