Warning Signs of Seasonal Depression

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“Good morning Audrey, thanks for joining us. We’re talking about seasonal depression, and it’s something that can be overlooked very frequently. Can you talk about how it affects us?”

“Absolutely. Seasonal Affective Disorder is very much like and similar symptoms to general year-round depression. It can be mild, make you want to feel a little bit sad, down or lethargic – or it can be quite intense and interfere with day to day activities. You know, about twenty-one percent of the population has SAD, and eight percent really need some type of treatment.”

“That’s huge. So what are some of the effects or the warning signs that we may see?”

“It’s important that if for two weeks or more you have some sort of sadness or you cry for no reason at all, if you’re anxious or irritable and haven’t been before. If you have a loss of interest in your day to day pleasures, activities, or hobbies that you have, low energy or fatigue that isn’t caused by anything physical. If you feel hopeless or helpless or guilty for no reason at all. If you’re sleeping too much or too little, loss of appetite or weight gain – or if you really can’t concentrate. If you can’t decide between chicken salad and tuna at lunch, and that’s happening all the time; that can be part of the symptoms. And if you have aches and pains that really aren’t physical – and those are the warning signs to look for.”

“Audrey, where can we go to learn more about this?”

“Our website is hopefordepression.org. It’s in memory of my mother, Hope, who had depression most of her adult life, and we did this in memory of her to try and do the most advanced research today there is about depression.”

“Incredibly important to have those resources, thank you so much for joining us this morning.”

“Thank you so much for having me.”

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