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Jennifer Lewis-Hall:

"Project Almanac" is a movie that presents a group of high school students with the chance of a lifetime.  Phl17's Jason Lee spoke to the film's star, Virginia Gardner.
Jason Lee:
Virginia Good Morning. Tell us about Project Almanac.

Virginia Gardner:
Project Almanac is a movie about five teenagers who discover the blueprints for a time machine in our dad's basement and through some trial and error we build this time machine and we kind of live out every teenager's fantasy of what they would do if they had a time machine. We win the lottery, we go to a music festival, we try to fall in love, I take care of bully that's been bullying me, and through all of that we learn there are some consequences to going back and messing with time. And I can't give away the ending of course, but it has a really mind-blowing ending.

Jason Lee:
Now could you identify with this character? Because as you said this is everybody's dream to be able to go back in time and correct everything we've done wrong.

Virginia Gardner:
Yeah, you know after Project Almanac I don't think I would want to go back in time and try to correct what's gone wrong. I mean there's definitely been times in my life where I've been like 'I really wish I could take that back and not do that.' But I definitely don't think I would.

Jason Lee:
Now I've heard this movie called smart and funny. Would you agree with that?

Virginia Gardner:
I would agree with that. I think it is one of those movies where I think you have to watch it a few times to really pick up on everything because it is a really smart movie. And I think the five of us main characters get along so well and there's a lot of humor and it's really fun. A lot of improve jokes and I think a lot of who we are really shines through in the movie and it's really fun.

Jason Lee:
Alright well Project Almanac is out on DVD and Blueray right now. Virginia Gardner thanks so much for being with us this morning. We appreciate it. And Eye Opener continues.

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