Valentine’s Day: Staying In Or Going Out?

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For many Valentine’s Day means an expensive night out on the town, but you’d be surprised how many people prefer a quiet night at home. Lifestyle expert Danielle Smith has some ideas for the perfect “stay-at-home Valentine’s Day.”

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Every year Valentine's Day comes with increased pressure to create an elaborate and expensive experience, but it doesn't have to be that way.

"I would like to suggest that you start with creating a recipe. So many of us have heard the phrase 'The way to a man or woman's heart is directly through their stomach.' We want to start with good food."

Smith combined two of Bertolli's traditional sauces to create a pink sauce.

"I suggest combining the alfredo with aged parmesan cheese and the traditional marinara that comes with Italian herbs and garlic. You combine those two and then you can use them on recipes like a caprese gnocchi with blistered tomatoes or spaghetti with rosa carbonara."

Soup is another simple option to serve.

"Idahoan Steakhouse soups come in four different flavors. Cheddar potato, broccoli cheddar potato, loaded potato and creamy potato. They are so flavor-filled, so affordable and in less than five minutes, you can create restaurant quality in your own home."

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Aside from delicious food, ambiance is also important for a night in.

"Since we're staying at home, we do want to keep it simple. Think about pulling out your favorite red or pink plates. Pulling out a few candles for extra ambiance and this is one of my favorites... putting flowers in ice cubes so that you can spice up that particular cocktail or your water."

Smith also suggested instead of buying a printed card, buy a blank card and put in your own message.

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