UNICEF and Celebrity Chefs team up for a good cause

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Airing tonight is the one hour special, Unichef: Uniting Through Food. Joining us now is Ming and Hilary, tell us everything we need to know about Unichef.

Hilary Gumbel: "It is actually a great special about how food has the power to unite, heal, and transform lives. We have wonderful chefs to tell their stories. I'll let Ming go on and tell his story."

Ming Tsai: "I think that all chefs have a responsibility because of the platform to be able to give back. As I tell my two boys, we have to leave the world a better place. Family Reach, I have been with for six years. It is my calling. I am President of their national advisory board. We are the only charity that helps families with a child with cancer financially. People don't realize, and I had my "aha!" moment six years ago, that cancer, besides being one of the worst disease in the world and can kill, it can also bankrupt you.

They can't afford the treatment, can't afford the gas, the garage, the food. It is debilitating. We call it financial toxicity of cancer, and that has to be eliminated. Family Reach is the only national charity now and we are really proud, proud of our CEO who was just at the White House because of Vice President Biden recognized through his Moonshot program that they need Family Reach to get these people to trials, otherwise these trials won't work. It is a real issue and people need help today."

Definitely a serious issue. Thank you guys for joining us today. You can catch Unichef tonight on TLC and Discovery Family.


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